Surrogate Mother Search

Search for Independent Surrogate Mothers looking for Intended Parents

Are you looking for an indepenent surrogate mother online? Surrogate mother search is one of the most important and emotional steps of your surrogacy process. It’s probably that when you start your surrogacy journey, you may be overwhelmed with the idea of finding the perfect match on your own. Below you will find the main steps for your surrogate mother search

Your Expectations

What are your requirements? Gestational or Traditional Surrogate? Do you want to work with an independent surrogate mother?

Create a Profile

Create your personal profile including a description and photos about you and your family, and post surrogate classifieds

Surrogate Mother Search

Search for a surrogate mother looking for intended parents. Ask a lot of questions and take the time to get to know her. Be as honest as possible.

The Match

Before moving forward, it is important to feel a real connection with your surrogate mother.

The surrogacy journey can be rewarding for intended parents and independent surrogate mothers and it is the beginning to a lifelong relationship