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We are an independent and diverse community comprised of future parents, surrogates, egg donors, clinics, lawyers, and agencies.

MySurrogateMom was created so that everyone involved in the surrogacy journey can easily find each other and connect.

Our goal is to become the top destination for surrogates, intended parents, and surrogacy providers.

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MySurrogateMom was conceived by a group of parents who experienced the difficulties and confusion that can be a part of the journey to parenthood.

We recognized the need for a space that could be of use to people considering, or who were on, the journey. So, we decided to create an independent surrogacy community dedicated to connecting intended parents, surrogate mothers, egg donors, and surrogacy specialists.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify the journey for all parties involved in the process of building a family.

We are as committed to our members as our members are to finding their surrogacy soulmate. Numerous testimonials from our members show how successful we have become. That said, we don’t do this work because of the success we have achieved – we do it because each and every member is important to us.

We put our heart and soul into helping our members find their surrogacy soulmate!

Our Philosophy

At MySurrogateMom, you can rest assured that numerous people are working tirelessly to provide you the best possible experience. We do this by providing an unparalleled quality of information that helps our members explore all of their family-building options and simplifying what can be a challenging journey to parenthood.

We are working to provide the latest technology to facilitate superior matching, enhance user experience and exceed our members’ expectations.

We want you to have full control over your journey!

If you believe any of our content is inaccurate or out-of-date, please do not hesitate to contact us.