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About us

Everyone has to write their own story. That is why we get up in the morning, to bring intended parents, surrogate mothers, egg donors and surrogacy specialists together. We put our heart and soul into helping our members find their surrogacy soul mate.

MySurrogateMom is a surrogacy community online designed and dedicated to making intended parents, surrogates and egg donors connect. Additionally, we bring an unequaled level of information and support to help our members explore all of their Surrogacy options.

Our Vision

Everything we do is aimed at bringing members together and helping them find a special person. That is why we continue to be inspired by the love of those who use MySurrogateMom.


Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain the surrogacy industry’s highest standards. We are as committed to our members, as our members are to find their surrogacy soul mate. Numerous testimonials from members show how successful we already are in this area. However, the most important indicator of the value of our work is, and will always remain, the members that meet each other through our community on a daily basis.


Our Philosophy

At MySurrogateMom, you can be assured that there are numerous people working restlessly to give you the best possible experience and information, and help you start your surrogacy journey.

We want to exceed member’s satisfaction by continuing to provide safe and updated surrogacy information to a growing membership base across the world. The team here at MySurrogateMom works with the ultimate goal of enhancing the member experience. We believe our customers are our first priority so our Customer team is available to answer any questions.


Our Team

We have the right people in place to make your dreams come true.


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