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top ten egg donation blogs 2020

Top 10 Egg Donation Blogs

This top ten egg donation blog list contains the most influential egg donation blogs on the internet. Remember, education is powerful, and when we know better, we do better. Read, see, learn, and disc...

Top Egg Donation Blogs

The Egg Donation Blogs Finalists: Vote for Your Favorite!

Egg donation is giving someone the opportunity to have a family, helping a lucky intended parent or couple fulfill the dream of becoming a family. There is a great amount of resources and information ...

History Surrogacy

History of Surrogacy from Biblical Times Until Now

Surrogacy may seem like a new medical procedure, but that is far from reality. While gestational surrogacy developed in the last fifty years, traditional surrogacy can be traced to the beginnings of r...

Surrogacy Laws by State

Surrogacy in the United States: How Does It Work?

The first thing to consider when it comes to pursuing surrogacy in the US is the state laws that could affect your journey Surrogacy in the US is not an easy process due to the different states’ laws....

independent surrogacy

11 Tips for your Independent Surrogacy Search

Independent surrogacy (also known as Indy surrogacy or private surrogacy) is completed without an agency and usually only with a family attorney and fertility clinic The decision to find a surrogate w...

becoming a private surrogate

How to Become an Independent Surrogate Mother

There are many steps to becoming a surrogate, and being an independent gestational carrier should not change most of them. This 10-step guide will walk you through the surrogacy process to help you de...

COVID19 - Surrogacy

Surrogacy in Times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting most of our countries, from different levels of isolation and lock downs, including traveling bans and limitations, health providers, and more it is a very stressful t...

COVID19 Gail Saxon

Starting a surrogacy process in times of COVID-19, by Gail Sexton Anderson

Gail Sexton Anderson, from Donor Concierge, shares with us some recommendations for IP’s and surrogates considering to start a surrogacy journey in times of COVID-19. Should they wait a few months? Sh...

COVID19 Stephanie Caballero

COVID-19 Recommendations for Intended Parents, by Stephanie Caballero

American Lawyer Stephanie Caballero shares with us some thoughts and recommendations to IP’s getting close to their baby’s birth in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic. It is no doubt a stressful time for ...

COVID19 Amy Demma

COVID-19 and Surrogacy Agreements, by Amy Demma

We are going through uncertain times, the world is being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, countries are being shot down, people on isolation, economical unrest and laws changing everywhere. In this ...

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