how to donate eggs

How to donate eggs? The egg donation process

How to become an egg donor? What is an egg donor? How does egg donation work? An egg donation process is when a woman donates her eggs to a partner, friend or stranger to help with their reproduction ...

types of surrogacy

Types of surrogacy arrangements

How many types of surrogacy are out there? Which is right for you? What are the different types of surrogacy? Surrogacy is a complex assisted reproductive procedure that can be done in several ways, e...

requirements to be a surrogate

What are the requirements to be a surrogate mother?

 Surrogate Mother Requirements: What you need to know Surrogacy is a serious responsibility with great rewards, if you decide to be a gestational surrogate, it means a couple or an individual has a ch...

what is a surogate mother

What is a Surrogate Mother? Six-Point checklist for becoming a surrogate

 What is a surrogate mother? A surrogate is a woman who carries a baby (or babies) for another person (the intended parents) If you are seriously considering being a surrogate mother in the United Sta...

independent surrogacy

How to find a surrogate mother on your own – Indy Surrogacy

Independent surrogacy (also known as Indy surrogacy or private surrogacy) is completed without an agency and usually only with a family attorney and fertility clinic You can find a surrogate mother on...

surrogacy meaning

What is surrogacy? The meaning of Surrogacy

What is the meaning of surrogacy? What is surrogacy? The answer will be different for every person What is surrogacy? What does it mean? The answer to these questions will be based on how surrogacy af...

surrogate mother

What could be expected after the birth?

Most surrogate mothers talk about this with their Intended Parents before the baby comes, and really they just want what is agreed upon between them. While they understand the excitement of a new baby...

surrogate mother medical requirements

Legal and medical requirements in a surrogacy process

Surrogacy isn’t just about intended parents but also about the surrogate mother. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift a woman can give to a family, but it’s a rather challenging process that needs four things: D...

find intended parents

How to find Intended Parents for my surrogacy journey

Finding the perfect intended parents is probably the most important step of your surrogacy journey One of the biggest decisions you can make in life is to become a surrogate mother for some prospectiv...

surrogacy in canada

Surrogacy in Canada: What Intended Parents and Surrogate Mothers need to know!

The first aspect to consider when it comes to complete surrogacy in Canada is the provinces’ regulations that could affect your surrogacy With a rise in infertility problems and non-traditional ...

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