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surrogacy costs

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost? A Breakdown of Surrogate Mother Costs

Each surrogacy process is different, so the surrogate mother cost can differ. Here are some factors that could impact the cost of surrogacy. How to Estimate the Real Cost of Surrogacy? Pursuing parent...

midwife surrogacy

How to Choose between an OB/GYN, a Midwife and/or a Doula

Intended parents may get worried when their surrogate mother tells them that she wants a midwife and/or a doula. But, are their concerns well-founded? To try to answer this question, let’s start by un...

gestational surrogate mother

What is a Gestational Surrogate?

Gestational surrogate mother: Experienced versus non-experienced surrogates What is Gestational Surrogacy? Gestational surrogacy is the most common type of surrogacy in Canada and the United States to...

types of surrogacy

What Are the Different Types of Surrogacy?

How many types of surrogacy are out there? Which is right for you? Most people think that there is only one form of surrogacy. In fact, there are many. It becomes even more challenging when surrogates...

best egg donor agencies

How to Find the Best Egg Donor Agency

How do you find the best egg donor agency? There are plenty of outstanding egg donor databases to choose from, but there are some questions to ask first. Whether you want to become an egg donor or you...

top surrogacy specialists

Finding the Best Surrogacy Agencies

You want a professional you can trust, a professional with a good reputation, and a professional that has your perfect match for a surrogate mother or intended parent. So how do you find the best surr...

surrogacy classifieds tips

Tips on Writing a Successful Surrogacy Classified Ad

Surrogacy classifieds are cost-effective, targeted, fast and really easy! Learn how to write effective surrogacy ads! You can find your surrogate mother, egg donor or intended parents via communities ...

how to donate eggs

How to Donate Eggs? The Egg Donation Process

How can a woman become an egg donor? What is an egg donor? How does egg donation work? An egg donation process is when a woman donates her eggs to a partner, friend or stranger to help with their repr...

requirements to be a surrogate

10 Surrogate Mother Requirements

What are the requirements to be a surrogate mother?  Surrogacy is a serious responsibility with great rewards. If you decide to be a gestational surrogate, it means a couple or an individual has a cha...

what is a surogate mother

What Is a Surrogate Mother? Six-Point Checklist for Becoming a Surrogate

What is a surrogate mother? A surrogate is a woman who carries a baby (or babies) for other people (the intended parents) First, here’s the definition of surrogate mother you need to know: Merriam-Web...

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