tips for surrogate mothers

Seven Things to Keep in Mind when Becoming a Surrogate

It is unquestionable that it takes an exceptional type of woman to become a surrogate. As a surrogate mother, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and great joy in knowing you are helping a deservi...

egg donation tips

Tips for Egg Donors: 27 Experts Share Their Insights

Continuing our series of posts with industry experts’ tips and recommendations (you can find our previous post with 24 Experts Sharing their Wisdom on How to have a Successful Surrogacy Journey), we d...

so much to celebrate

So Much to Celebrate!

I’m honored that the MySurrogateMom community is already two and a half years old, and I’m looking forward to more years to come. What better way to celebrate than with a giveaway? Over the last coupl...

surrogacy in canada baby

Surrogacy in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide for Intended Parents

  At first glance, surrogacy in canada can seem like an intimidating process with many complex medical steps and surrogacy laws varying from country to country. Therefore, understanding the pros and c...

celebrity surrogacy

Celebrity Surrogacy: Twenty Famous People Who Used a Surrogate

Millions of people struggle with infertility, and celebrities are no exception. Each one of these celebrities has had trouble conceiving naturally and looked at surrogacy. Deciding to go the surrogacy...

surrogacy contract

Finding the best surrogacy lawyer

What is a Surrogacy Lawyer, and why do you need one? Surrogacy laws are constantly changing, vary widely by country/state/province and can be particularly complex, so it is practically impossible to c...

surrogacy experts rounduppost

24 Experts Drop Wisdom on How to Have a Successful Surrogacy Journey

We have gathered 24 experts in the surrogacy field to share their number one tip for a successful surrogacy journey

midwife surrogacy

How to Find the Right OB/GYN, Midwife, or Doula

Intended parents may become anxious if their surrogate mother requests the assistance of a midwife and/or a doula. However, it’s essential to understand the roles of each pregnancy care provider...

gestational surrogate mother

What is a Gestational Surrogate?

If you are considering gestational surrogacy, read on to learn more about the different types of surrogates. Surrogate Definition Surrogacy is the process in which a woman carries a child in her uteru...

best egg donor agencies

How to Find the Best Egg Donor Agency

Whether you want to become an egg donor or you need an egg donor, there are some guidelines you can use when you start your research. Choosing the right egg donor agency is one of the most important d...