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top ten egg donation blogs

Top 10 Egg Donation Blogs

This top ten egg donation blog list contains the most influential egg donation blogs on the internet. Remember, education is powerful, and when we know better, we do better. Read, see, learn, and disc...

surrogacy contract

Finding the best surrogacy lawyer

What is a Surrogacy Lawyer, and why do you need one? Surrogacy laws are constantly changing, vary widely by country/state/province and can be particularly complex, so it is practically impossible to c...

surrogacy experts rounduppost

24 Experts Drop Wisdom on How to Have a Successful Surrogacy Journey

We have gathered 24 experts in the surrogacy field to share their number one tip for a successful surrogacy journey

best egg donor agencies

How to Find the Best Egg Donor Agency

How do you find the best egg donor agency? There are plenty of outstanding egg donor databases to choose from, but there are some questions to ask first. Whether you want to become an egg donor or you...

surrogacy classifieds tips

Tips on Writing a Successful Surrogacy Classified Ad

Surrogacy classifieds are cost-effective, targeted, fast and really easy! Learn how to write effective surrogacy ads! You can find your surrogate mother, egg donor or intended parents via communities ...

how to donate eggs

How to Donate Eggs? The Egg Donation Process

How can a woman become an egg donor? What is an egg donor? How does egg donation work? An egg donation process is when a woman donates her eggs to a partner, friend or stranger to help with their repr...

surrogacy support

How to Talk about Surrogacy

Here are some tips for educating your friends and relatives about your surrogacy/egg donation journey. Whether you are a prospective surrogate or an intended parent, choosing to pursue a surrogacy jou...

surrogacy steps

How Long Does it Take to Do the First Embryo Transfer after Signing an Agreement with a Surrogacy Agency?

It really depends on the country chosen for your surrogacy process and the surrogacy agency you choose to work with. Here you will find an approximate timeline of the surrogacy process, but remember t...

egg donors and surrogacy

Exploring the Differences between Fresh and Frozen Embryo Transfers

Do you know the pros and cons of IVF Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Cycles and Fresh Transfers? When intended parents realize that they need to pursue a surrogacy journey as a way to build their family,...