The Egg Donation Blogs Finalists: Vote for Your Favorite!

Egg donation offers individuals or couples the opportunity to have a family.

There is a great number of resources and information available online provided by clinics and professionals. Also, more and more people are journaling about the process as well as the hardships and excitement that are part of the surrogacy journey.

These blogs help their authors (intended parents and egg donors) work through their own emotions, but they also help others work through their own challenges.

Blogs about fertility and egg donation provide a means for learning about the process, however, the sheer amount of information available can sometimes cause confusion and doubt. For this reason, we launched our third annual contest for the Best Egg Donation Blogs!

We received many nominations and have pre-selected 30 amazing egg donation blogs.

Help us decide who will make our Top Ten Egg Donation Blogs list by voting for as many blogs as you like (keep in mind that you can only vote once for each nominee). Remember, voting will close at midnight on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

The poll is closed. You can see the results below.

best egg donation blog poll

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Written by David
I work daily to make surrogacy available to as many intended parents, surrogate mothers and egg donors around the world as possible.

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