Embryo Donation for Intended Parents Using a Surrogate: A More Affordable Option

By choosing embryo donation, surrogacy patients have reduced their overall cost dramatically while still having a positive and successful experience. Today, we are here to share an overview of how embryo donation works in regards to surrogacy.


How Does Embryo Donation Work?

Once a family is done growing, they may choose to donate their unused embryos to help another couple or individual achieve their dreams of parenthood. It is important to understand that these are high-quality embryos that were created during standard IVF treatments by patients with favourable demographics. Generally, donor embryo patients are more educated and affluent than the general population. When patients choose to donate their embryos, the embryo donation agency will begin seeking a recipient to use the available embryos. This is an incredible opportunity for both the donors and the recipients as they are welcoming the potential of life for the embryos. 

How Does Embryo Donation Work in Regards to Surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy using donor embryos is becoming an increasingly popular option for intended parent(s). When you are designing your detailed surrogacy plan, you will come to the point of deciding whether you need donor sperm, donor eggs, or donor embryos. If you choose to use donor embryos, you can begin searching for available embryos immediately. Some embryo donation agencies, like Donor Nexus, have online databases that allow you to browse embryo donor profiles to find your perfect match. 

Benefits of Transferring Donor Embryos to Your Surrogate

Reduce Your Financial Investment Without Compromising Success

Typically, an egg donation cycle costs around $50,000, whereas an embryo donation cycle costs around $11,000. This is a huge factor to consider when you are preparing yourself for the financial and emotional investments involved in your surrogacy journey. Although embryo donation is a more affordable option, it does not compromise success rates. For instance, donor embryos in Donor Nexus’ embryo bank start at just $11,000 and our positive pregnancy rate is 73%.

Working with the right team of skilled physicians will improve your chances of success and create a positive journey from start to finish.

Learn About the Quality of the Embryos and the Sex of the Embryos Before Transfer

Before the transfer of donor embryos, the intended parent(s) have the advantage of learning about the quality of existing embryos and the number of embryos that will be transferred. If the embryos have undergone preimplantation genetic testing, then the sex of the embryos will already be known. If you are interested in gender selection, this is a great opportunity to choose the embryos of your desired sex for implantation. 

Surrogacy Embryo Transfer

Get Started Today

If you are interested in learning more about using donor embryos for surrogacy, we encourage you to conduct your research and decide if it’s the right option for you. The team at Donor Nexus would be happy to assist you in your family-building journey!

This guest blog was written by the team at Donor Nexus, an egg and embryo donation agency in Newport Beach, California helping patients worldwide. At Donor Nexus, we have worked with many intended parents who have chosen to transfer donor embryos into a surrogate. 

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