Gestational Surrogate Mother: Experienced versus not experienced

Experienced vs not experienced gestational surrogate mothers? When you start your surrogacy journey, many questions will cross your mind and might even make you feel overwhelmed.

One of the most challenging steps in the surrogacy journey is to find surrogate mother. When looking for a gestational surrogate, probably one of those questions could be whether an experienced surrogate will improve your odds of a successful pregnancy or not.

gestational surrogate

What is a gestational carrier or gestational surrogate? These words are usually used to describe a woman who carries a child for intended parents and who has no genetic connection to the child she carries.

What is an experienced surrogate mother? An experienced surrogate is a surrogate mother who previously had a successful embryo transfer and delivery.

Nevertheless, you need to know that there are no clear statistics if it’s likely to improve your odds when you match with an experienced surrogate, however it´s mandatory that a gestational surrogate (experienced or not experienced) has had at least one or more successful pregnancy or pregnancies to be a surrogate.

When you will match with your surrogate her age, Body Mass Index (BMI), overall health, and own pregnancies can be better indicators of a good candidate than if they have been a surrogate before. Younger, lower BMI, healthy/active, with good personal pregnancies are good things to look for regardless of if it is their first time or not.

On the other hand, if you match with an experienced surrogate mother, probably you will enjoy your experience because she and her family know the surrogacy process so perhaps it will be a bit less stressful. Proven surrogates know the surrogacy process and what to expect but they can ask for higher compensation.

gestational surrogate mother

It’s important that before matching with a gestational surrogate  (experienced or first time surrogate) get in contact with your doctor to know about the qualifications required to be surrogate.

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