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How to Find Intended Parents

Are you looking for intended parents (IPs)? When you become a surrogate mother, you are giving a priceless gift to a family. Finding intended parents is one most important decisions you will make during your surrogacy journey as a surrogate mother. You will commit a great amount of time, effort, and energy to the intended parents you decide to work with. Learn more about how to find intended parents in MySurrogateMom’s intended parents database.

Your Requirements

Decide on the type of intended parents you are looking for (straight couples, same-sex couples, single parents, etc.) and the desired relationship you want with the IPs (daily communication, more involvement, less involvement, relationship after birth, etc.).

Create a Profile

Create your personal profile including text and pictures to introduce you and your family to prospective intended parents, as well as your reasons for entering this process.

Search for IPs

After completing your profile, you will be able to connect with intended parents. Take the time to and answer all their questions and ask questions of your own. Be honest to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant surprises.

Move Forward

Before moving ahead, you must feel like you are on the same page with your potential intended parents.

Be honest and enjoy the process, and you will find your perfect intended parents!