Surrogacy: Midwife vs Obstetrician

Surrogacy: Midwife vs Obstetrician

Intendent parents can be afraid when their surrogate tells them she wants a midwife

Is there any risk having a midwife?

Obstetricians are the most common choice in US and Canada, however many surrogate mothers will rather choose a midwife as their care provider because of the specialized treatment and care they receive from them while intendent parents would rather have an obstetrician due their experience and expertise.

In US and Canada, you have what they call registered midwives who have the necessary studies allowing them to provide safe and expert care. They are trained professionals with expertise and skills in supporting women to keep healthy pregnancies and have safe births. If any complication arises at any point in the pregnancy, labor, birth or postpartum, midwives will consult with specialists and if needed will transfer the care to a physician.

It’s is very important to stay on top of the communication and regardless if your surrogate chooses an OB or a midwife, make sure that you set your expectations with that person. That person should be comfortable working with heterosexual, same sex or single parents  (depending on your situation) and surrogacy. Also, It´s important that he/she needs to understand that you are the parents and that you should be the ones taking the decisions in regards to the baby and the ones receiving the communication about the health of your baby and the pregnancy.

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