Can a Woman with No Pregnancy Experience Become a Surrogate?

Surrogacy is gaining popularity across the globe, yet it remains to be widely misunderstood. The procedure has some backlash due to how surrogate mothers are perceived to be utilized for other people’s gain. There is confusion on how the process works, especially when the topic is in relation to the requirements needed to become a surrogate. There are women who are very interested and open to the idea of surrogacy but never have been pregnant in the past.

To carry someone’s child is a huge responsibility that surrogate candidates must endure. There are multiple requirements that have to be met that a surrogate applicant must meet. There is no secret with the fact that surrogate mothers have big payouts. The big money involved in the process would often attract women to try out surrogacy. However, there are women who want to become surrogates without having a successful pregnancy in the past. Although there are some exceptions in certain states or regions, one requirement is always certain when it comes to surrogacy. The non-negotiable requirement in surrogacy is that the candidate must have a previous successful pregnancy.

surrogacy with no pregnancy

It can be frustrating when an interested woman researches surrogacy. There are plenty of resources and information online which could be overwhelming. The hype with surrogacy picked up momentum with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West using the procedure to grow their family. For women who are interested in becoming surrogate mothers, the most important factor that must be addressed is their previous pregnancy history. A previous pregnancy is not just a requirement, it is important that the woman had a successful delivery in the past.

Regardless of the good health condition, to become a surrogate mother, a woman must have a combination of a previous healthy pregnancy with successful delivery. clearly specified that it is impossible to become a surrogate without this requirement. Whether the woman is looking to apply with an agency, become an independent surrogate or any other methods, no client would want a surrogate who has no previous success in pregnancy.

The requirement of at least one successful pregnancy also brings another requirement to fruition. A surrogate candidate must understand the emotional and physical obstacles that may arise during pregnancy, as well as the labor before delivery. A woman with no previous experience would have no idea of the pregnancy journey which is essential for every surrogate.

Before going through the process, there will be an initial medical screening for surrogate mother applicants. The agency or the fertility clinic will look into other records, particularly former birth records of the applicant. This can help vouch that the candidate is healthy for the process. For women who are interested in surrogacy but never have any pregnancy experience, almost every fertility clinic or surrogacy agency will not approve the application.

Why Does A Surrogate Need Previous Experience to become a Surrogate?

If a woman who is interested in surrogacy but has no previous pregnancy experience can be healthy and might be genuinely interested in helping other families, but still, she is not allowed to go through the process. The surrogacy process is complicated and it needs all the parties involved to be prepared. If a woman never had a child of her own, it will be difficult to know what to expect. The woman can be optimistic with all the right requirements but the risks involved are too difficult to ignore. Here are some reasons why a woman with no pregnancy experience is disqualified from the process:

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Risks for the Carrier

The carrier’s body will have no idea about the pregnancy process, including the trials and medical procedures needed to transfer the embryo. The fertility test might be normal but other unforeseen complications can arise. There is a rare probability that if the process does not go well, loss of reproductive organs might occur which would mean that the carrier will no longer have her own biological children.

Another problem is the emotional risks involved with the carrier. Without any experience in pregnancy and raising a child at home, the woman is emotionally unprepared for the process. For the gestational carriers, they are not biologically related to the child but there are still stress and hormones involved in the process. It could lead to severe postpartum depression and lead to problematic mental health conditions.

Emotional. Mental, and Financial Risks for Intended Parents

An inexperienced surrogate will not only affect her life but the intended parents as well. The intended parents considered surrogacy as the possible last resort to have their own child. They already underwent various infertility treatments and spent a hundred thousand dollars only for their hopes to be crushed. The intended parents would want to work with a surrogate that has proven successful in pregnancy. It will be a huge gamble to work with women who never have experience in the process.

To become a surrogate, there are requirements mandated to protect all parties involved. Before pursuing the process, the intended parents and the surrogate must follow the requisites for a higher chance of a successful pregnancy.

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