Surrogacy specialists in your surrogacy journey

There are many surrogacy requirements and moving parts in the surrogacy journey in the U.S. and Canada, but there are some common surrogacy specialists that you will need to get in contact to during this process:


  • Find surrogacy agency
  • Initial meeting between the surrogacy agency and the intended parents.
  • The surrogacy agency will provide the intended parents with agency documentation such as: agency retainer of services, surrogate profile, estimated global surrogacy cost and the  surrogate mother cost.
  • The surrogacy agency will arrange meeting with their surrogate of IP’s choice, meeting could be in person, via telephone or via video conference call.


  • Find fertility clinic.
  • Establish contact with an IVF Clinic.
  • Provide any type of information that the clinic needs in order to continue with the IVF process.
  • Arrange surrogate’s visits to the IVF clinic to do the screener and the trasnfer.


  • Contact psychologist to arrange psychological evaluations surrogate (and sometimes for intendent parents too).
  • Schedule surrogate visit to the psychologist.
  • Get surrogate’s psicological evaluation.


  • Contact attorneys to arrange professional services (surrogate representation, Intended Parents representation, escrow/trust account, parentage oreder, etc).
  • Facilitate information to the attorneys for drafting of the surrogacy contract and drafting of the parentage order.
  • Open an escrow account.

surrogacy specialists

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