Surrogacy Specialists in Your Surrogacy Journey

Embarking on a surrogacy journey is like setting sail on a life-changing adventure. Just as a ship needs its crew, your surrogacy journey needs a dedicated team of specialists to navigate the waters smoothly. 

This journey can sometimes be complex, especially when navigating the surrogacy requirements in the US, Canada, or Europe. However, certain surrogacy specialists are indispensable for a successful journey.

Here, you will find more info about all the professionals you need to have a smooth journey, including agencies, lawyers, clinics, and more, so you can select the ones that best match your expectations and needs.

Surrogacy is not a journey you can do alone. You will also need to work with several specialists along the way.

Surrogacy Lawyer

Imagine surrogacy laws as the nautical charts for your journey. These laws vary from place to place and can be complex. That’s where surrogacy attorneys step in.

It’s important that the surrogate and the intended parents have their own surrogacy attorney to assist them. What are the next steps?

  • Contact a reputable lawyer specializing in surrogacy to arrange the professional services needed: surrogate representation, intended parents representation, escrow/trust account, parentage order, etc.
  • Facilitate information to the attorney for drafting the surrogacy contract and the parentage order.
  • Open an escrow account (if needed).

Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy agencies are like the captains of your journey. They take charge of the matching process. They also handle logistics, scheduling, and coordination, ensuring your trip is smooth sailing.

Surrogacy agencies offer most of the required services for a positive surrogacy journey. What to expect?

  1. Search and find a surrogacy agency.
  2. Set an initial meeting between the surrogacy agency and the intended parents.
  3. The surrogacy agency will provide the intended parents with agency documentation, such as agency retainer of services, surrogate profile, estimated global surrogacy cost and the surrogate mother cost.
  4. The surrogacy agency will arrange a meeting with the surrogate of IP’s choice. The meeting could be in person, via telephone, or via video conference call.


Emotions can run high during a surrogacy journey. That’s where counselors and psychologists come in.

psychologist provides the initial evaluation of the surrogate and the intended parents. It is mandatory to be psychologically healthy before starting any medical procedure. What to do?

  • Contact an outstanding psychologist to arrange psychological evaluations for your surrogate (and sometimes for the intended parents, too).
  • Schedule a surrogate visit to the psychologist.
  • Get the surrogate’s psychological evaluation.

IVF Clinic

The last surrogacy specialist you need in this journey is a fertility clinic. They will help you complete the medical screenings, IVF, and embryo transfer.

How to proceed

  • Find a reputable fertility clinic.
  • Establish contact with an IVF Clinic and set an appointment with the medical staff.
  • Provide any information that the clinic needs to continue with the IVF process.
  • Arrange the surrogate’s visits to the IVF clinic for screening and the transfer.

With the right specialists, your IVF surrogacy journey will probably go as easily and be as stress-free as possible.

surrogacy specialists

How to Find the Right Surrogacy Specialist

Now that you know more about the different professionals involved in the surrogacy journey, you must decide which is right for you.

It is essential to do your own research on each surrogacy provider before you even contact them. You can use online reviews, talk to former surrogates and intended parents, and learn about their own experiences.

After deciding to interview that specialist, here are some good questions you can ask:

  • How long have you been working?
  • What services are included in your offer?
  • What requirements must your clients meet?

You can also look here for more detailed info about how to find the best surrogacy agency, lawyer, and fertility clinic.

Your surrogacy professional’s choice will significantly impact your journey, so ensure you find the right professional before moving ahead. Work with top professionals to have a successful surrogacy journey!

Conclusion: Setting Sail with Confidence

As you embark on your surrogacy journey, rest assured that you have an exceptional team of specialists, including lawyers and IVF clinics. They will ensure your voyage is safe, legally sound, and emotionally fulfilling. With their guidance, you’ll set sail with confidence, knowing that parenthood awaits on the horizon.

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