Crafting an Outstanding Intended Parents Profile: Tips for Success!

Starting a surrogacy journey is an exciting chapter in your life. As you embark on this path to parenthood, creating an intended parents profile is crucial in finding the perfect surrogate. This profile is your opportunity to introduce yourselves to potential surrogates, sharing your story, values, and dreams for parenthood. 

Your intended parents profile will probably be your first impression on a prospective surrogate mother, so it would be a key piece for the matching process.

But how can you create a profile that truly represents you and resonates with surrogates? Here are some valuable tips to make your intended parents’ profile shine:

What should you include in your Intended Parents’ profile?

Most intended parents acknowledge that creating a profile is one of the most challenging tasks before moving on to the MySurrogateMom community, but this is a vital task to find a surrogate mother or to find an egg donor because your profile is the first thing a prospective surrogate or egg donor looks at when choosing an intended parent.

Your intended parents’ profile should combine text and photos to introduce you and your family.

1A – A Written Introduction:

Your profile should be unique, and it may include:

  • A written introduction of you and your family, where you can highlight your personality, values, and lifestyle.
  • A letter to a prospective surrogate mother where you can express all your enthusiasm and hopes for your surrogacy journey.

1B – Tips for Your Intended Parents Profile Introduction:

  1. Talk about openness.
  2. A surrogate or egg donor (if known) wants to hear that you are open to maintaining connections. You don’t need to be specific about the type of contact, although you should acknowledge the importance of a child knowing their beginnings.
  3. Keep it positive. Write about something that portrays you positively and brings out the best in you.
  4. Your life is full of lots of exciting moments and occasions. Highlight them in your story.
  5. Most surrogates and egg donors are trying to visualize what kind of parent you will make and that the child will be growing up in a good home. Talk about your family (parents, sisters, brothers, nephews, etc.) and your vital support.
  6. Illustrate a story about yourself with photos and avoid generic descriptions.
  7. The best way to find your perfect match is to be yourself and let your personality shine.
  8. You can use a sample intended parent profile as a reference.

intended parents profile

2A – Photos about You and Your Family:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then yours should look like a million. Photos convey images and emotions that words simply can’t. They share stories, create parks, and, above all, build connections.

The photo in your profile should be eye-catching and tell a story. It should be original, with high contrast, clean, crisp, and professional looking. This does not mean you need a professional to take your pictures, but you must invest in getting them done right, as it will pay off.

2B – Tips for Your Pictures:

  1. Informal photos are better than formal ones: You want to come across as authentic and relaxed, the kind of person a potential surrogate or egg donor would feel at home with chatting over coffee.
  2. Outdoor photos are better than indoor ones: Outdoor photos are open and natural looking, and this is the tone you would like to set with a birth mother.
  3. Close-ups are better than long photos: Keep the setting simple, and the focus should always be on you.
  4. Include children and/or pets in your photos.

Finally, have someone you know review your profile and provide feedback before creating your profile.

Follow the above advice, be sincere, and have fun, and you will find your perfect match.

What Do Surrogates Look for in Intended Parents?

As you seek specific qualities in a surrogate, gestational carriers also have preferences when choosing intended parents. Surrogates often look for:

  • Openness and Communication: Surrogates appreciate prospective parents who are open about their surrogacy journey, communicate effectively, and maintain an honest, respectful dialogue.
  • Shared Values: Surrogates may seek parents who share similar values and beliefs.
  • Respect and Gratitude: Surrogates value intended parents who respect their choices, show gratitude for their commitment, and understand the emotional challenges of surrogacy.
  • Emotional Support: Intended parents who offer emotional support during the journey are highly regarded by surrogates.
  • Transparency: Surrogates prefer intended parents who are transparent about their expectations.

Wrapping Up

By considering what surrogates look for in intended parents and including these elements in your profile, you can enhance your chances of finding a match. Your intended parents profile is a pivotal tool in your surrogacy journey. Following these tips and being genuine in your approach can increase your chances of finding the perfect surrogate to help you achieve your dream of parenthood.

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