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Learning that egg donation is needed to even envision having a family can be intimidating and frightening. The doctors will do the science and tell you about your fertility options, but you will likely want to gather more information or even explore other options. That is where the online egg donation community can help.

When you start researching, you’ll realize that there are tons of information out there on the World Wide Web! However, with so much and sometimes differing information, it can feel overwhelming. This experience led us to create a list of the top ten egg donation blogs for 2020!

These blogs were preselected based on content quality and how often they are updated, and then they ranked by more than 2,000 votes from our readers. We want to thank all of you for your participation during the voting period.

If you haven’t yet researched the world of egg donation blogs and websites, then I strongly encourage you to take a look at our list. If you are not sure where to start looking, here are a few resources to begin your research about what others are saying about egg donation.

This list of blogs will help you better understand your egg donation options and can help you start your support network with others who are going through (or have been through) the same journey you are on now.

Before we announce the top ten egg donation blogs, we want to remind you that education is powerful, and when we know better, we do better. Read, see, learn, and discover more for yourself!

Donor Nexus

donor nexus

Donor Nexus is an egg donation and embryo donation agency located in Southern California. It’s dedicated to making high-quality egg donor and embryo donor treatments affordable to intended parent’s seeking to start or grow their families. The Donor Nexus’s blog shares expert insights on egg donation, and you can also find stories from previous egg donors and intended parents.

Donor Concierge

donor concierge

Donor Concierge was founded by Gail Sexton Anderson to help intended parents of any condition build families. It provides egg donor search services to parents-to-be from around the world, allowing them to find egg donors by searching the best agencies in the US. It allows you to build the family you have always dreamed of. Additionally, all of its knowledge about the egg donation process is shared in its amazing blog.

Fertility SOURCE Companies

fertility source companies

Fertility SOURCE Companies has one of the largest and most comprehensive egg donor and surrogacy programs in the US. It aims to provide the most comprehensive third-party reproductive care and coordination to prospective parents, egg donors, and surrogates. On the Fertility SOURCE Companies’ blog, you will learn how the egg donation process works, step by step, thanks to its educational articles, real family stories, and much more.

Fairfax EggBank

Fairfax EggBank

Fairfax EggBank comes from the clinical and scientific discoveries of one of the country’s pioneering IVF clinics, and it continues to be at the forefront of donor egg banking. Its expert team excels in the most innovative freezing and storage techniques. Read the blog to learn more about the egg donation process, read stories, and get tips from former egg donors.

The World Egg Bank

the word egg bank

The World Egg Bank, founded by Diana Thomas, offers more than just eggs. It is proud of its relationship with its recipients, donors, and each clinic it works with. It is one of the most experienced egg banks in the world, and it shares its expertise on its blog.

We Are Egg Donors


We Are Egg Donors is a women’s health organization founded by three egg donors who envisioned a resource for egg donors to receive support, form a community, and collectively advocate for issues that matter most to egg donors. We Are Egg Donors provides an honest platform for egg donors around the world to connect, and you can find stories about past and current donors on its blog.

Defining Mum

defining mum

Defining Mum is a place where Becky shares her experiences with infertility and conception via donor eggs and beyond. She is now a thankful mum to three donor-conceived girls.
The blog is divided into two main sections: Fertility Posts and Donor Conception Posts. You can read honest takes on topics related to infertility, fears and hiding emotions associated with this journey, what motherhood really means, and more. It also has a Guest Posts section.

Egg Donation Friends

Egg donation friends

Egg Donation Friends is here to take you by the hand and guide you through your egg donation journey. On its blog, you can find reliable information about IVF and egg donation success rates, several treatments, and IVF news from around the world. Additionally, it has teamed up with several IVF bloggers, fertility specialists, and infertility counselors to help you every step of the way, from the beginning to the end, until you achieve your dream of becoming a parent.

Motherhood Reimagined

Motherhood Reimagined

Sarah is a single mom by choice, fertility doula, life coach, and author who is passionate about helping women who are considering single motherhood, having fertility issues, or raising donor-conceived children. On her blog, you will find advice and lessons about choosing single motherhood, sperm donation, egg donation, and much more.

Stirrup Queens

stirrup queens

Created by Mel, who is now mother to twins via fertility treatments and the author of a book about infertility and pregnancy loss called Navigating the Land of If, The Stirrup Queens hosts tons of information on all things infertility. On the blog, you will find more than 40 different categories covering a whole range of articles on adoption, donor gametes and surrogacy, and infertility treatments, just to mention a few categories.


Wrapping Up

Congrats to the winners of our Top Ten Egg Donation Blogs contest, and thanks to everyone who helped create this list! If your blog is one of our top ten infertility blogs, then you can proudly display the following badge on your site.

top ten egg donation blogs 2020

If you find this list valuable, please share it with others who may be considering the egg donation process. Word of mouth can be a powerful thing!

Best Egg Donor Blogs
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