Top 10 Surrogacy Blogs: The winners

The path to parenthood through surrogacy is an emotional journey filled with doubts, questions, and fears. Where should you begin? Should you pursue surrogacy in America or Canada? What is the cost of surrogacy? Should you work with a surrogacy agency or go on an independent journey?

At, we always emphasize the importance of starting your journey with thorough research to determine if surrogacy is the right choice for your family. The Internet provides many resources and information, but the abundance of articles, blogs, and websites can be overwhelming. To assist you, we’ve continued our tradition of selecting the best surrogacy blogs of 2023 based on user nominations, content quality, frequency of updates, and reader votes.

As you may recall from previous years, our readers thoughtfully chose these blogs. They offer valuable insights to help you prepare for your surrogacy journey. Remember, the more you research, read, learn, and ask questions, the better prepared you’ll be.

Now, without further ado, here’s the ultimate list of the top ten surrogacy blogs for 2023!

1- Golden Surrogacy

Golden Surrogacy, located in the suburbs of Chicago, is a third-party reproduction consulting agency established by married same sex couple Adam and Frank Golden. Inspired by the success of their own journey to fatherhood they now advocate for all loving couples and individuals who wish to become parents. 

The site includes a regularly updated blog and podcast where they offer information about the surrogacy process, for intended parents and surrogates alike. It includes information about surrogacy costs, tips for egg donation, parenting, and more.


2- Fairfax Surrogacy

Fairfax Surrogacy was founded by a group of experienced professionals in third-party reproduction and is the affiliate company to the Genetics & IVF Institute, Fairfax Cryobank, and Fairfax EggBank.  

As part of GIVF’s family of Fairfax companies, they are backed by decades of experience and expertise in reproductive science and compassionate patient care.

Their blog includes posts with information and tips for intended parents, surrogates, infertility, women’s health and LGBT+ surrogacy. It also offers a video gallery and articles by guest experts and allows you to easily browse their posts by topic or search by keywords.


3- Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists

Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists

Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists (WSS) was founded by Victoria T. Ferrara to help intended parents of every race, gender, and sexual orientation build their families through gestational surrogacy. She is supported by a large team with over a decade of experience helping gay and straight couples, as well as singles build their families through surrogacy. WSS’s blog is updated around once a month with resources for parents and parents to be, surrogacy success stories and more.

4- Surrogate Parenting

Surrogate Parenting is a surrogacy agency from California offering a full service surrogacy program that provides both parties exceptional support throughout the surrogacy relationship. Surrogate Parenting Services stands apart from the rest with their constant advice and tips just for you. Their very large blog is updated monthly and offers articles since 2016, with information and tips about different surrogacy related topics under different categories including: Guides for Surrogates, Benefits of Surrogacy, The Surrogacy Journey, Health Tips, For Intended Parents, Testimonials and more.

5- Colorado Surrogacy

Colorado Surrogacy

Ellen Trachman and Jennifer White are the founders of Colorado Surrogacy. They help intended parents—couples or singles, straight or gay—who wish to start a family.

Colorado Surrogacy’s blog, Heartbeat, is a great resource for all things related to gestational surrogacy, from embryo transfer day superstitions to crazy clauses in surrogacy contracts and stories of families happily conceived through surrogacy.

6- The Surrogacy Law Center

The Surrogacy Law Center

With many categories that include surrogacy, fertility, LGTB, egg donation and assisted reproduction, The Surrogacy Law Center’s blog offers articles about the legal side of everything related to fertility and assisted reproduction.

Founded by Stephanie Caballero, The Surrogacy Law Center is dedicated to helping people start a family through egg donation and surrogacy no matter where in the world they are located.

7- Circle Surrogacy

Circle Surrogacy

Circle Surrogacy’s blog is updated weekly and is divided into two sections “Surrogacy” and “Egg donation”. Here you will find information about assisted reproduction, the ins and outs of the surrogacy journey from the experts, and emotional surrogacy stories.

John Weltman, the founder of Circle Surrogacy, is a lawyer and gay dad of two children through surrogacy. Circle Surrogacy was founded on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to be a parent. Its mission is to go above and beyond to help grow families around the world by connecting, guiding, and supporting intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors through one of life’s most extraordinary journeys.

8- Growing Generations

Growing Generations

Growing Generations is an agency committed to building families through egg donation and surrogacy. With offices in Los Angeles, New York and Wheeling, they started mainly working with the gay community and expanded to all kind of families having helped bring to the world 1900 babies in 2020. With a multilingual site, their blog includes surrogacy related news and articles, egg donation resources, surrogate stories and more.

9- Creating Families

Creating Families believes that everyone should have the opportunity to be a parent. Through the miracle of surrogacy combined with their process, intended parents can experience the joy of holding their own child in their arms. With four decades of experience helping parents start and grow their families. They were also the first to help a gay couple welcome a baby over 30 years ago, and continue to serve the LGBTQ community in their surrogacy journeys. Their blog allows to search by keyword or category and includes parenting advice, legal information, health posts and personal surrogates and IP’s stories.

In tenth place, we have a three-way tie!



10- All Families Surrogacy, Surrogate First and Physician’s Surrogacy

all families surrogacy

All Families Surrogacy blog offers inspiring gestational surrogacy stories and helpful articles for your journey with new posts every two weeks. They also include team member spotlight posts where you can get to know better the team. At AFS they believe that surrogacy should be a mutual joyful experience between surrogates and IP’s and they support all kind of families, cultivating honesty and transparency.

surrogate first

Surrogate First’s blog includes interesting parenting resources, information for surrogates and intended parents, legal information and more. This surrogacy agency was formed by a group of intended parents and experienced surrogates who truly understand the needs, hopes and fears of both sides. They have offices in LA, Las Vegas and Salem and the offer guidance with compassion and expertise. Visit their surrogacy blog!

Physician’s Surrogacy

“We’re not just an agency”, Physician’s Surrogacy is a physician-managed surrogacy agency. Whether you are an Intended Parent or a Surrogate, they will be with you throughout the whole journey. With monthly updates, the articles include information about the surrogacy process and cost, how to find a Surrogate, surrogacy laws, benefits of being a surrogate and much more!

Congrats to all the winners of our “Top Ten Surrogacy Blogs 2023” contest and thank you everyone who helped create this list!

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