Top 10 Surrogacy Blogs: The winners

The path to parenthood through surrogacy is a bittersweet and emotional process, there are a lots of doubts, questions and fears involved. How do we start? Should I pursue surrogacy I America or in Canada? How much does surrogacy cost? Should I use a surrogacy agency or should we do an independent surrogacy journey?

Like we always say in, you need to start your journey doing some research in order to understand if this is the right option for you to start your family. Thankfully, the Internet offers a lot of different resources and information, in fact there are so many articles, blogs, sites, etc. that is totally legitimate to feel overwhelmed. For this reason, we continue with our yearly tradition and have put together the ultimate list with the best surrogacy blogs selected by our users: our Top Ten Surrogacy Blogs of 2021!

As you may remember from previous years, these blogs were nominated by our readers, preselected based on content quality and how often they are updated, and finally ranked by your votes

Before announcing the top 10 surrogacy blogs, remember that the more you know and research, the better prepared you will be for your surrogacy journey. Research, read, learn, and ask!

And now, the ultimate list of top ten surrogacy blogs!

1- Circle Surrogacy

Circle Surrogacy’s blog is updated weekly and is divided into two sections “Surrogacy” and “Egg donation”. Here you will find information about assisted reproduction, the ins and outs of the surrogacy journey from the experts, and emotional surrogacy stories.

John Weltman, the founder of Circle Surrogacy, is a lawyer and gay dad of two children through surrogacy. Circle Surrogacy was founded on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to be a parent. Its mission is to go above and beyond to help grow families around the world by connecting, guiding, and supporting intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors through one of life’s most extraordinary journeys.

2- Physician’s Surrogacy

“We’re not just an agency”, Physician’s Surrogacy is a physician-managed surrogacy agency. Whether you are an Intended Parent or a Surrogate, they will be with you throughout the whole journey. With monthly updates, the articles include information about the surrogacy process and cost, how to find a Surrogate, surrogacy laws, benefits of being a surrogate and much more!

3- Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists

Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists

Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists (WSS) was founded by Victoria T. Ferrara to help intended parents of every race, gender, and sexual orientation build their families through gestational surrogacy. She is supported by a large team with over a decade of experience helping gay and straight couples, as well as singles build their families through surrogacy. WSS’s blog is updated around once a month with resources for parents and parents to be, surrogacy success stories and more.

4- Growing Generations

Growing Generations is an agency committed to building families through egg donation and surrogacy. With offices in Los Angeles, New York and Wheeling, they started mainly working with the gay community and expanded to all kind of families having helped bring to the world 1900 babies in 2020. With a multilingual site, their blog includes surrogacy related news and articles, egg donation resources, surrogate stories and more.

5- Colorado Surrogacy

Colorado Surrogacy

Ellen Trachman and Jennifer White are the founders of Colorado Surrogacy. They help intended parents—couples or singles, straight or gay—who wish to start a family.

Colorado Surrogacy’s blog, Heartbeat, is a great resource for all things related to gestational surrogacy, from embryo transfer day superstitions to crazy clauses in surrogacy contracts and stories of families happily conceived through surrogacy.

6- All Families Surrogacy

all families surrogacy

All Families Surrogacy blog offers inspiring gestational surrogacy stories and helpful articles for your journey with new posts every two weeks. They also include team member spotlight posts where you can get to know better the team. At AFS they believe that surrogacy should be a mutual joyful experience between surrogates and IP’s and they support all kind of families, cultivating honesty and transparency.

7- Heartland Surrogacy

Heartland Surrogacy is a surrogacy agency dedicated to build families by matching gestational surrogates in the Midwest and the West Coast with IP’s from across US. Started and managed by Brie, a two time surrogate, they build lasting relationships with their clients with a team that handles all aspects of the journey so that intended parents and surrogates can enjoy the experience.

In the blog you will find anything from parenting tips, legal information, success stories and more.

8- The Surrogacy Law Center

With many categories that include surrogacy, fertility, LGTB, egg donation and assisted reproduction, The Surrogacy Law Center’s blog offers articles about the legal side of everything related to fertility and assisted reproduction.

Founded by Stephanie Caballero, The Surrogacy Law Center is dedicated to helping people start a family through egg donation and surrogacy no matter where in the world they are located.

9- Surrogate First

surrogate first

Surrogate First’s blog includes interesting parenting resources, information for surrogates and intended parents, legal information and more. This surrogacy agency was formed by a group of intended parents and experienced surrogates who truly understand the needs, hopes and fears of both sides. They have offices in LA, Las Vegas and Salem and the offer guidance with compassion and expertise.

In tenth place, we have a three-way tie!

10- Shared Conception, Pitter Patter Surrogacy and ASurrogacy

Shared conception

The Shared Conceptions blog is updated weekly and includes surrogacy news, general information for intended parents and surrogates, tips and more. Founded by Shiva Landry, Shared Conceptions LLC has offices in Houston, Texas and Dallas, and offers personalized and efficient service while assisting you with expertise and compassion through your surrogacy journey.

pitter patter surrogacy

Pitter Patter Surrogacy is a mid-sized surrogacy agency that connects and supports individuals, couples and surrogates in creating families. The agency was created by intended parents with the help of former and current surrogates. Their blog is updated twice a week and it is very easy to navigate thanks to the different sections that include: myths, COVID, information, FAQ, etc.

AmericanSurrogacy is the first fully dedicated US surrogacy directory and helps you find the best professionals for your journey. It also offers reviews and ratings on surrogacy agencies, egg donation, American fertility clinics, and all surrogacy related services and professionals.

ASurrogacy also runs a surrogacy blog, with tips, quotes and specific information concerning intended parents and surrogates looking to start a surrogacy journey in US.

Congrats to all the winners of our “Top Ten Surrogacy Blogs 2021” contest and thank you everyone who helped create this list!

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