Intended Parents in Surrogacy

Are you interested in surrogacy? Are you wondering who the intended parents are and why they choose surrogacy?

In this article, we will explore the role of prospective parents in the surrogacy process, their different backgrounds, and their motivations.

Defining Intended Parents

Intended parents are individuals or couples who seek to expand their families through surrogacy. They have faced various challenges in achieving parenthood, and surrogacy has become the solution to their dreams of having a child.

Who Are Intended Parents?

Prospective parents can be single men or women, same-sex couples, or heterosexual couples struggling with infertility and the inability to carry a child. There is no “typical” parent. For example:

  • Heterosexual couples struggling with infertility and the inability to carry a child.
  • Single men who want a biological child.
  • Single women who cannot carry a child to term themselves due to infertility or health risks.
  • Parents with genetic conditions that they do not want to pass on to their children.
  • Same-sex couples who cannot carry a child themselves.

Why Do Prospective Parents Choose Surrogacy?

Intended parents choose surrogacy for several reasons, and these motivations can vary from one individual or couple to another. Here are some common reasons why parents opt for surrogacy:

  • Fertility Challenges: Many prospective parents face fertility issues that make natural conception impossible.
  • Failed Fertility Treatments: Some intended parents have already undergone numerous fertility treatments without success.
  • Medical Concerns: when the intended mother cannot carry a pregnancy to term due to a medical condition.
  • Genetic Concerns: the intended mother may not be able to carry a pregnancy to term due to a medical condition.
  • Same-Sex Couples: LGTBQ couples sometimes choose surrogacy to have a biological child.
  • Desire for Biological Connection: Intended parents who have embryos from prior IVF attempts may opt for surrogacy to have a biological child while maintaining a close connection to the pregnancy process.

The Emotional Journey of Intended Parents

For parents on the surrogacy path, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions. Initially, there’s a mix of hope and nervous excitement. Surrogacy offers the promise of parenthood, but the process’s complexities can lead to anxiety.

However, as the journey evolves, moments of joy and connection appear. Hearing a baby’s heartbeat or feeling those first kicks brings immense happiness. These experiences deepen the emotional bond between the parents and their surrogate. Despite occasional fear and vulnerability, the journey often strengthens intended parents, equipping them to face the joys and challenges of parenthood with resilience.


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What Is the Surrogacy Process Like for Parents?

The surrogacy process can be a long and emotional journey for parents. It involves several steps, including finding a surrogate, creating a legal agreement, and undergoing fertility treatments. Intended parents will work closely with their surrogate throughout the process, building a close relationship with her and her family.

What Are the Legal Considerations for Intended Parents?

Parents-to-be have numerous legal considerations to keep in mind. Laws surrounding assisted reproduction and surrogacy vary from state to state and country to country. Therefore, prospective parents need to work with an attorney experienced in surrogacy law to ensure that their rights are protected and that they follow all the necessary legal procedures. By handling these legal considerations early on, parents can take steps to protect themselves and their future families.

Wrapping Up

Surrogacy offers intended parents the possibility to achieve their dream of a biological child. The surrogacy process can be a long and emotional journey, but it can also be a rewarding one. With the right support and guidance, intended parents can successfully navigate the process and have the family they have always wanted.

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