Tips on Writing a Successful Surrogacy Classified Ad

Surrogacy classifieds are cost-effective, targeted, fast and really easy! Learn how to write effective surrogacy ads!

You can find your surrogate mother, egg donor or intended parents via communities online, surrogacy forums, Facebook groups, classified ads, etc.  Whichever way you want to use, unless your post/profile/ad is seen, nothing will happen. Being seen is of vital importance, and trying to appear at or near the top is key!

However, a less considered but equally significant aspect is your reading audience. A reader who has no interest in your material is not part of a qualified audience.

Surrogacy classified ads are one of the most cost-effective forms of finding your surrogacy soul mate on the Internet today.

Classifieds posted in the right site and the right section will naturally draw a qualified audience of potential readers. Here, you will find some rules of thumb to achieve it:

  1. Ad placement within the right site is the most important factor determining whether or not your surrogacy classified will be read.
  2. The content of your classified ad will determine who will read your ad. You need to develop attention-getting content.

Although they may seem very simple at first sight, to create an effective surrogacy listing, you need to put some thought into how the ad flows. Here, you will find some tips that will help you create great classified ads.

surrogacy classifieds tips

First, you need to know that there are three parts in every classified ad, and each part has one purpose and one purpose only:

The Title

This is used to sell the classified, you need to convince the reader (the potential intended parents, surrogate mother or egg donor) that you have something to say. Your reader only cares about what’s in it for them.

Your headline must attract attention! How? You can create curiosity, ask a question or make a surprising statement

The Body

The goal of this part is to set up the call to action. The only reason you created a classified ad is to get the click on the bottom “answer” or “get in contact with the author”, so it’s important you give to the audience the reason why they should click.

This part of the ads should tell your prospective surrogate/intended parent/egg donor what’s in it for them, you need to express what makes you different.

The Call to Action

Normally, you will want the reader to answer your ad. The thing to remember is this … You must take them away from what they are doing at this moment to answer you.

Additionally, some words are more potent than others. Making readers have feelings about your words is what you want to achieve. It is the feelings that are attached to the words that give them power. How do I do that? Think about the feelings first and then pick the words that best convey them.

Now, go to it! Create your own awesome surrogacy classified, keeping the above tips in mind. Review your ad and check to see that all the important ingredients of a good ad are present. Find a classifieds site on the web (for example the Surrogacy Classified Ads section in MySurrogateMom) with plenty of surrogacy ads. Get your ad listed first if you can (probably you will have a featured option) and wait for the response. If you are not getting responses, then either change the heading, the body, the call to action or change the wording.

Attention!! There are countries where surrogacy is permitted but advertising surrogacy, on behalf of someone who is looking for or wants to become a surrogate is illegal (i.e. The United Kingdom or The Netherlands).

If you are looking to pursue a surrogacy journey within one of these countries, instead of using these surrogacy classified ads to find a match (which is not legal), use those to find a surrogate or intended parent for support in your journey. Please make sure that you word your classified to comply with your local regulation

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Written by David
I work daily to make surrogacy available to as many intended parents, surrogate mothers and egg donors around the world as possible.
  1. Are surrogacy classifieds a good way to find a surrogate in Canada?

    • Yes, surrogacy ads can be a convenient and effective way to find a surrogate in Canada. You can create a listing for free in our community.
      Good luck aaera!

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